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What a wonderful tribute to your precious girls.


I think it is wonderful that we can contribute to a group dedicated to helping others who have lost someone as precious.


What a beautiful tribute to two precious girls. Volunteering for this organization is such an honor. I am proud to have a small part in Butterflies and Birdies alongside women and families who are dedicated to helping those who have lost someone dear to them. I cannot say enough good things about this organization or the families behind it all.


It is a pleasure to contribute to Butterflies and Birdies each year when I know they honor the precious babies they’ve lost by giving back to the community.


The love that is felt for Baby Ava and Baby Jorden is honored and shared with so many through Butterflies and Birdies.  It is a true blessing to be a part of their family and the good that they continue to do through this fundraiser.  


Such a wonderful way to carry on the legacy of Baby Ava and Baby Jordan. The entire committee works tirelessly to find the right nonprofit organizations to donate the proceeds. They also do a fabulous job at supporting families right here in our community.


Giving to other families in their time of need is beyond wonderful. Glad to support your program.


The most beautiful stories are the ones where people turn tragedy into triumph! This is symbolic of Butterflies and Birdies and the families who began this organization after the tragic loss of their own precious babies. What better way to pay tribute to those sweet angel babies than to establish a foundation that seeks to serve families experiencing similar hardships? And this past year, with the partnership formed with Knox Blocks and the Owlet monitor, B&B made a push to PREVENT families from facing those hardships! It’s an amazing cause all around and I’m honored & humbled to volunteer every year!


Butterflies and Birdies has done a beautiful job honoring their sweet little girls. They have put their hearts and souls into their foundation and events to make their babies proud.  It has been a privilege to volunteer and donate every year to help them bring awareness to child loss, resources for grieving families and lifesaving Owlets.


What an awesome foundation! They continue to inspire and help families through very tough times. Your donation makes a meaningful difference for those suffering the deep sorrow of babies gone too soon.


Butterflies and Birdies is so much more than a golf tournament or event to bring women together to raise money.  It’s a family.  The love, the devotion, time, tears, and sweat put into organizing something that will reach women, babies and families in need…all to honor and celebrate the lives of two precious babies is indescribable.  The effort alone in choosing what organization they will donate to, is amazing.  It is one of the greatest privileges to be a volunteer and experience the joy and love this event brings to so many and one of my lifelong friends.


I look forward to supporting and playing in the Butterflies & Birdies golf tournament each year.  It’s such a fun tournament that raises money for non-profit organizations that help give families with infants a piece of mind.  I also now play in memory of my grandson Witten.  Thanks for having your tournament each year. 


Your committee did a great job with the tournament.  I am still amazed at all the gifts and prizes you give to the players and the money you collected for the charity.  Having it at Conroe Country Club was just perfect because very few ladies have played there.  Congratulations on a job well done and I’m sure all the ladies that played will come back again. 


Love your tournament and the charity!


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Your generous contribution will help many families who have been directly or indirectly affected by the loss of a child. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

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