Parent Grief Support Resources

The Butterflies and Birdies Foundation supports families that have been affected by the loss of a child. We recommend seeking parent grief support resources that can provide families with some guidance and reassurance during this difficult time. After losing young infants in our own family, we have firsthand experience of this grieving process. While nothing can take away the pain, we do want families to know that they are not alone.

What are the Benefits of Joining Parent Grief Support Groups?

There is no right or wrong way to grieve. People grieve differently and heal at their own pace. But parent grief support groups can be incredibly helpful to your healing. Here are some benefits you can expect by joining a support group of this sort:

  • Receive education and parent grief info
  • Release feelings in a safe, non-judgmental environment
  • Establish connections to decrease isolation
  • Understand the common myths about grief, as well as typical grief patterns
  • Discover healthy ways to manage emotions
  • Work on maintaining healthy relationships within the family unit

How Parent Grief Support Resources Make a Difference

Local support groups can help make the healing journey less lonely. Here are some of the ways we try to make a difference for grieving families:

  • Point families in the direction of parent grief info, including local support groups and educational materials.
  • Donate CuddleCots to hospitals so that the families of stillborn babies can spend more time together.
  • Donate Owlet Socks to prevent SIDS. This sock tracks and monitors a baby’s heart rate and oxygen rate while they sleep.
  • Run fundraising events to raise money for our foundation so that we can continue to support families who have lost an infant due to SIDS or stillbirth.

Whether you’re looking for parent grief support resources, educational information or donation support, contact the Butterflies and Birdies Foundation. We are here for you.

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